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The Circle of Life

By December 8, 2016No Comments

The Circle of Life

Feet pitter-pattering, not quite whispers and little fingers in the candy bowl all happen amidst prayers at our funeral home. With best parental efforts, the kiddos may place their tiny bums in a chair for a moment or two, but it isn’t long until little legs get antsy and feet start moving. Dads hush and moms chase little ones around the chairs and hallways with embarrassed efforts.

However, my view in the back of the room shows the beautiful full circle of life. From a youthful child with boastful lungs to a restful senior in peaceful death, children absolutely have a place at a final tribute to one’s legacy. Little squeaks and yes, even cries, are embraced and appreciated more than ever for that brief hour.

With life comes death and death a new life.

Children remind us that joy can continue after loss. Their health and youthfulness rejuvenate those mourning a loss and continue the energy of life. Kids have a way of quite literally bouncing back into routine again, modeling the way for us “grown-ups” around them. They snuggle, hold hands and give their empathetic faces with perfect timing.

Time has no ending in the heart of a child and for a brief moment when we embrace those little ones we so dearly love, we can feel the innocence of childhood and life immortal.


Mallory Underwood, Underwood Funeral Home