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Only the Good Die Young

By December 8, 2016No Comments

It’s a tune Billy Joel has made famous, but it’s also a common line when someone young is taken away too soon. “Only the good die young,” they say, and after much thought, I believe it to be truthful.

Heaven is all sorts of wonderful things. Mainly though, from what I understand, your wonderful things. But those wonderful things need made possible, and it makes sense that in heaven you need the best laborers.

So God takes the good ones, the bright ones, the talented ones, the hard-workers and the leaders. God claims caretakers, encouragers and uses them in his perfect place to make it even more perfect.

Billy Joel got it right.

However, with as much sense as that makes, we are left with one less on earth. We feel a great void and have this heartache, emptiness and question left to hold our loved one’s place.

But if we don’t struggle in our lives on earth, how can we appreciate the perfect place of heaven?

The heartache will subside, the tears will be dry and at the end of our earthly lives, we will be reunited once again, in the most perfect place.

So as we ponder why someone has been taken from our hands and into heaven, we have to hold faith that is it for a more perfect place of eternity. After all, only the good die young.

Mallory Underwood, Underwood Funeral Home