Nadene Underwood

June 19, 2022

Posted by:
Jay Thomas

Posted on:
June 22, 2022

Just wanted to share with Raima and Vena that your mom was the first person I talked with beyond meeting when Joni brought me to my initial Underwood gathering . After that day we had several other conversations at various gatherings as I always sought her out to listen to her share about the farm, cows, and front porch. Every interaction was an enjoyable one which I ended up learning at least one and often many new things. Our last conversation we discussed aging and a statement my grandmother shared with me - “ once an adult, twice a child if you live long enough” . Compliments and admiration to each of you ( other family members who contributed as well) for the care and settings which you provided for her since your dad passed. An excellent example for all of us in prioritizing and caring for family- specifically parents! Bless you. Condolences to all of your family as well.

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